Executive Seat

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Product Description

Our executive director’s seat is all another level chair with a quality leather finish color of a deep black outlook. The director’s seat has a 360° rotation mechanism allowing you to move around freely within your workspace. It is also movable (Have wheels) that are capable of moving to both divergent and convergent direction of any angle. It also has an up and down adjusting mechanism allowing you to adjust to a suitable sitting height based on the height of desk or even individual, the high reclining angle also allows you to lay low for a rest after long working hours. The comfy sinking back got all the comfort you need giving you a massage feeling all through your working hours. Its also fitted with mahogany armrests. (Both on the right and left armrest) 

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Characteristic & Features

-360° rotation capabilities allowing you to move freely around your workspace.

-High reclining you for a comfy rest.

-Quality leather finish giving it a suitable outlook as a director’s seat.

-Up and down adjusting mechanisms allowing you to adjust to a suitable and comfortable sitting height.

-Spongy high back essential for a comfy back rest throughout your working hours.

-Mahogany armrests.


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