Coding/Gaming Seat

KSh 19,500.00

  • •Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort during long gaming sessions
  • •High-quality foam padding for optimal support and cushioning
  • •Adjustable features including armrests, backrest, and swivel base for customizable seating positions
  • •Contoured backrest and integrated headrest promote healthy posture and reduce strain
  • •Sleek and futuristic design that enhances your gaming setup
  • •Various eye-catching color options and premium materials available

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About The Gaming seat
Immerse yourself in gaming luxury as you settle into the ergonomically designed seat, meticulously crafted to provide optimal comfort during even the longest gaming marathons. The high-quality foam padding and adjustable features ensure a custom fit, while the contoured backrest and integrated headrest cradle your body, promoting healthy posture and reducing strain.


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