6.0M Conference Table

KSh 240,000.00

  • •Grand size: The 6.0m boardroom table offers an impressive and spacious surface area, accommodating a large number of participants comfortably.
  • •Luxurious design: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the table showcases an impeccable design, combining elegance and functionality seamlessly.
  • •Premium materials: Constructed from high-quality materials, the boardroom table ensures durability and a sophisticated aesthetic that exudes professionalism.
  • •Customization options: The table can be customized to reflect your brand identity, with options for finishes, materials, and design elements, allowing you to create a bespoke centerpiece that aligns with your company’s style and values.
  • •Connectivity and cable management: The boardroom table incorporates integrated power outlets, data ports, and cable management systems, ensuring a seamless and clutter-free meeting experience with easy access to technology.
  • •Ergonomic features: Optimal legroom and ergonomic seating design prioritize comfort, enabling extended discussions and fostering engagement and focus during meetings.

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Investing in our 6.0m boardroom table is an investment in creating a memorable and inspiring boardroom environment. It enhances the professionalism and prestige of your organization, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who walks through your doors.


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