Six Locker Office Cabinet

Original price was: KSh 35,000.00.Current price is: KSh 29,000.00.

  • •Heavy duty loading capacity, durable and stability.
  • •Electrostatic powder coating
  • •Six Lockable Lockers
  • • Ideal for the gym, school or workplace.

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About The Six locker Cabinet

Additionally, especially in larger businesses, it is crucial that every employee or individual have some storage area for privacy in the workplace or elsewhere is necessary. A collaborative office is commonplace in many businesses. Employees have no privacy as a result. Box lockers or storage lockers for office personnel are the ideal answers in these circumstances. Employee items are protected in these storage lockers, which are storage box lockers used in offices. Each individual’s storage space is provided by the compact locker units that come with the box-style office staff storage lockers.


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