Headrest Seats

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Product Description

Having trouble to choose seats for your office space? Our head rest office seat has all the features you need; adjustable head rest that helps you keep your head at the right angle giving it a comfy rest throughout the long working hours. Also has armrest (They are static) for resting your arms incase need be. the high back mesh back , which is supported by a plastic lining gives yours back the comfort you deserve. Its also fitted with an up and down adjusting mechanism to adjust the sitting height up and down to suit your workspace. 360° rotation mechanism allows you to move freely around your workspace.

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Characteristics and features

-360° rotating mechanism to help you move around freely within your workspace.

-up and down adjusting mechanism to help you adjust to any height of your working space, this depends on the kind of seat you are using or even depends on the comfortable position you need your seat to be.

-Also has an adjustable head rest , that allows you to rest your head/ neck at a comfortable position thus allowing you to work for long hours without any discomfort. 

-Has armrests (both on the left and the right side) allowing you to rest your arms incase any need be.

-The high back mesh support reinforced with an outer plastic lining allows you to rest your back with a lot of comfort(ergonomic feature)


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